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 Let us transport you to the convivial atmosphere and diverse cuisine of Mexico. Blue Tequila was created to let you experience the tastes, flavors, colors, and textures of authentic Mexican food. If you have tried Burritos, Nachos, and Quesadillas before, it does not mean you have tried Mexican food. It is only the beginning. Come to Blue Tequila and experience real Mexican culinary delights!

We are located inside The Days Inn East Stroudsburg, adjacent to the hotel lobby. As you walk in, you will be greeted by our friendly and courteous staff. Artifacts procured directly from Mexico are placed throughout the cavernous space. The dining room is tastefully decorated with Latin-inspired murals that are certain to entice the guests and provide you with an enlightening dining experience. 

Our menu offers a wide range of regional Mexican dishes based upon original recipes such as Mole Poblano, Chile Rellenos, Cochinita Pibil, Veracruzana Red Snapper, Tampiqueña Filet and Nopal Salad (Cactus). Our Fajitas, Enchiladas, Burritos, Flautas, and Quesadillas are nothing like you have ever tried before. Our menu features healthy vegetarian dishes to cater to all vegetable lovers out there. We use only 100% vegetable oil. We make everything from scratch and use only the freshest ingredients. We do not use MSG or any other preservatives.

The bar features a wide array of drinks including our specialty Lemon, Strawberry, Melon, Passion Fruit, Raspberry, Peach, and Mango Margaritas. No one can resist our signature Blue Tequila Margarita! We feature live entertainment on most weekends to offer you an evening of great food and fun!  

Whether you want to explore Mexican cuisine or come back for more, Blue Tequilais the way to go!

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Appetizers Entrees (Steaks) Soups Beef Dishes
Pork Seafood Typically Mexican Enchiladas
Sandwiches Entrees Fajitas Sides
Veggie Choice Desserts Salads Combinations
  Kids Chicken Dishes  



Hours of Operation:
Tel.: (570) 517-0245

Guacamole al Molcajete $7.95
Mashed ripe avocados mixed cilantro, jalapeno, onion and tomatoes,served with fresh tortilla chips.
Pumpkin Quesadillas $7.95
Two flour tortillas filled with pumpkin flower and topped with cheese, guacamole, sour cream and red salsa.
 Poblana Quesadillas $7.95
Flour tortillas filled with your choice of shredded chicken or ground beef. Served with guacamole, salsa, lettuce, pico de gallo and sour cream
Cuitlacoche Quesadillas $7.95
Flour tortillas filled with sauteed corn mushrooms, garlic, onions and topped with cheese.
Taquitos $9.95
Small soft corn tortillas filled with your choice of grilled steak, chicken or Mexican chorizo. with cheese. Served with radish, cilantro, onions and chef's homemade salsa.
Blue Tequila Shrimp $9.95
Large shrimp sauteed in our sizzling garlic sauce.
Cazuelita de Queso $7.95
Our delicious Mexican melted cheese fondue with Mexican sausage.
Served with flour tortillas and pico de gallo.
Drunk Nachos $7.95

Corn tortilas topped with refried beans, cheese, lettuce, sour cream, guacamole, red salsa, pico de gallo.
Served with your choice of ground beef, chicken or Mexican sausage.

*Churrasco $19.95
Grilled skirt steak marinated in fresh herbs.
Served with Mexican chimichurri sauce, rice, refried beans and guacamole.
*Tampiquena Filet $19.95
Grilled NY steak served with one Mole enchilada, refried beans and roasted red peppers.
Served with Mexican rice.
*La Senora Carne $19.95
Traditional sirloin steak served with sliced potatoes baked in Mexican seasonings and roasted red peppers.
*Mexican Steak $19.95
Mexican seasoned grilled NY steak topped with onions, peppers and tomatoes.
Served with Mexican rice and refried beans.
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Pre- Hispanic Soup $3.95
Delicious Mexican soup with zucchini, corn, gren pepper in clean broth.
Aztecan Soup $3.95
Delightful vegetable soup served with cream and cheese And golden tortilla crisps
Caldo Xochiti $3.95
Shredded chicken, herbs and rice in clear chicken broth.
Black Bean Soup $3.50
Black beans simmered with Mexican fresh herbs and servedWith sour cream
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Filet Mignon $22.95
Delicate 10 oz. fillet served with mushrooms sauce, Mexican potatoes and chile strips
Tampiquene Fillet $18.95
14 oz. NY steak served with one mole enchilada, refried beans and chile strips
Sirloin Steak $18.95
Traditional sirloin steak, served with Mexican potatoes and strips
Mexicana Steak $18.95
Mexican seasoned grilled steak served with Mexican rice
Steak Sandwich $7.95
Scrumptious Mexican bread with steak, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions Avocado and Mexican spread. Served with French fries.
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Cochinita Pibil $11.95
Mexican style pork slow cooked in the oven and served with Yucateco Rice and sautéed onions
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Veracruzana Snapper $16.95
Red snapper fillet served with a delicate tomato sauce, Fresh herbs and Mexican rice
Garlic Sizzle Fillet $16.95
Baked fish fillet served with light garlic sauce and Mexican rice
Blue Tequila Salmon $17.95
Sautéed salmon fillet in a Mexican vinaigrette served withMexican rice and vegetables
”May be cooked to order. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or egg may increase your risk of food borne illness.”
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Vegetarian Burrito $9.95
Our vegetarian burrito is filled with sautéed vegetables And is served with rice, refried beans and cheese
Chicken or Beef Burrito $11.95
Flour tortilla filled with marinated shredded chicken or ground beef, refried beans, Oaxaca cheese, sour cream and red salsa.Served with mexican rice and refried beans.
Tacos $8.95
Hard shell corn tortillas filled with refried beans, Oxaxaca cheese, pico de gallo, sour cream and your choice of ground beef or shredded chicken.
Served with mexican rice and refried beans.
Chimichanga $11.95
Deep fried flour tortilla filled with beans, rice, onions, chicken or beef topped with lettuce, tomatoes, pico de gallo, guacamole, red salsa and sour cream. Served with mexican rice and refried beans.
Flautitas $11.95
Fried corn tortilla with cheese, chicken or beef topped with lettuce, pico de gallo, guacamole, red and green salsa and sour cream.
Served with Mexican rice and refried beans.
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With your choice of beef, chicken, vegetables, cheese.

Enchiladas Rancheras $11.95
Corn tortillas covered with red salsa and melted cheese.
Served with Mexican rice and refired beans.
Enchiladas Suizas $11.95
Corn tortillas covered with green salsa and melted Swiss cheese..
Served with Mexican rice and refried beans.
Enchiladas de Mole $11.95
Con tortillas filled with shredded chicken in Mole sauce and topped with melted cheese.
Served with Mexican rice and refried beans.
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Steak Sandwiches $8.95
Scrumptious bread with grilled steak, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, avocado and Mexican spread. Served with french fries.
Puebla Sandwich $8.95
Grilled chicken, ;ettuce, tomatoes, onions, avocado, cheese and Mexican spread.Served with french Fries.
*Tasty Mexican Burger $8.95
Seasoned grilled burger with Mexican relish made with sauteed onions, tomatoes, jalapeno and garlic.Served with french Fries.
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Cochinita Pibil $12.95
Tender shredded pork pieces slowly cooked in the oven and made with Achiote sauce.Served with Mexican rice and refried beans.
*Veracruzana Snapper $18.95
Red Snapper filet cooked in delicate tomato sauce and fresh herbs.Served with Mexican rice and vegetables.
*Blue Tequila Salmon $18.95
Fresh salmon filet sauteed in savory Mexican vinaigrette.Served with Mexican rice and vegetables.
*Garlic Sizzle Filet $18.95
Baked red snapper filet cooked in light garlic sauce.Served with mexican rice and vegetables.
Mole Poblano Chicken $11.95
Grilled season chicken breast covered in our freshly made Poblano sauce and lightly sprinkled with sesame seeds. Served with Mexican rice and refried beans.
Chicken en Salsa Rojat $11.95
Tender chicken breast simmered in our delicate Guajilli sauce.Served with Mexican rice and refried beans.
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Sizzling green peppers, onions, tomatoes and mushrooms served with flour tortillas, Mexican rice, refriedbeans and pico de gallo.

Blue Fajitas (steak, hicken and shrimp) $22.95
Chicken Fajitas $15.95
Shrimp Fajitas $18.95
Tequila Fajitas (chicken and steak) $18.95
Steak Fajitas $16.95
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Mexican Rice $1.95
Refried Beans $1.95
Sour Cream $1.95
Guacamole $2.95
Avocado $3.50
French Fries $2.95
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Veggie Rolls $5.95
Delicious roasted eggplant rolled with Oaxaca cheese ans pesto spread.
Served with lettuce, pico de gallo and sour cream.
Vegetarian Sandwich $7.95
Our scrumptious bread filled with grilled vegetables and Oaxaca cheese, with our special Albahacar dressing.
Mexican Salad $6.95
Lettuce, red onion, green pepper, chic peas, corn, tomatoes, carrots And potatoes
Veggie Enchilada $11.95
Three corn tortillas filled with marinated veggies, red salsa, Mexican rice and beans
Vegetarian Burrito $9.95
Large flour tortilla filled with Oaxaca cheese, carrots, yellow squash, green squash and eggplan
Served with Mexican rice and refried beans.
Vegetarian Tostada $7.95
Three fried corn tortillas with refried beans and roasted vegetables.
Served with lettuce, pico de gallo and sour cream.
Vegetarian Fajitas $11.95
Delicious grilled green and yellow zucchinis, eggplant and carrots with Mexican seasonings.Served with flour or corn tortillas.
Cheese Enchilada $9.95
Warm corn tortillas filled with our delicious blend of Mexican Cheese and covered with a light and spicy tomato sauce
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Cajeta Crepes $3.95
Mouthwatering crepes in sweet caramel sauce sprinkled with walnuts.
Chocolate Cake $3.95
Flourless chocolate cake covered with creamy crème anglais
Shannon's Flan $3.95
Creamy vanilla custard in caramel sauce.
Surprise Ice Cream $4.95
The traditional Mexican fried ice cream made with variety of sauces like crème anglais, raspberry, caramel and chocolate.
Carrot Cake $3.95
Freshly baked carrot cake with walnuts.
Lemon Cake $4.95
Lemon flavoured sponge cake topped with vanilla ice cream..
Brownies $4.95
Fresh Brownies made with dark and sweet chocolate topped with vanilla ice cream.
House Cake $3.50
Avery gracefully sweet carrot with a sugar base sauce
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Avocado Salad $4.95
Avocadi, tomatoes and onions.
Nopal Salad $6.95
Mexican cactus salad served with tomatoes, onions and freshly made cheese.
Chicken Caesar Salad $6.95
Grilled seasoned chicken served in a bed of our regular Caesar salad
Zesty Mexican Salad $6.95
Fresh lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumber and avocado tossed in your choice of lemon and fresh herb dressing or sherry wine vinaigrette.
Chicken Caesar Salad $6.95
Grilled seasoned chicken served in a bed of our regular Caesar salad
Chef's Frescana Salad $6.95
Marinated grilled chicken served in a bed of Romaine leaves tossed with frescana dressing and topped with croutons and Parmesan cheese.
Mexican Seafood Salad $10.95
Fresh shrimp, mussels, clams, and calamari marinated In fresh herbs, lemon and tomatoes
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All combination dishes are served with Mexican rice, refried beans, sour cream and red salsa
Northern Mexico $14.95
Cheese chile relleno, chicken enchilada and cheese or beef chimichanga
Mexico City $14.95
Cheese enchilada, beef burrito and chicken tostada.
Cancun $14.95
Chicken enchilada, cheese chille relleno and vegetable tostada.
Veracruzana $11.95
Chicken enchilada, cheese filled chile relleno and vegetable tostada
Swiss Enchiladas $11.95
Three chicken enchiladas covered with our house green salsa, Sour cream and covered with melted Swiss cheese
Flautitas $11.95
Choose from chicken, beef, cheese and vegetables filled Corn tortillas topped with lettuce, pico de gallo, sour cream, Green and red salsa
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All dishes are served with Mexican refried beans and Mexican rice
Mole Poblano Chicken $11.95
Nice size chicken breast covered in our mole poblano sauce
Grilled Chicken $10.95
Traditional grilled chicken with Mexican seasonings
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